Community Newsletter
Sponsored by the Spanish Lakes Fairways Homeowner’s Association

April 2017
Citizens Observation Patrol (C.O.P.)
Charlie Winfield, (772) 252-4804, has been our C.O.P. Leader for over 2 ½ years.
Big Kuddos to Him and the Wonderful Volunteers.
C.O.P. is a volunteer group sponsored by the St. Lucie County Sheriff ’s Office.  It uses a simple approach to safeguarding our neighborhoods through citizen involvement.  C.O.P. volunteers at SLF have been helping the Sheriff ’s Office fight crime for over 15 years. 

C.O.P. patrols our community between the hours of 10:00 pm & 4:00 am, 365 days a year, looking for suspicious activity, potential hazards, and by offering assistance to others in the neighborhood.   Our  vigilant, community-oriented, group of 14 – 18 Spanish Lakes Fairways’      volunteers wear uniforms and drive specially-marked vehicles.   

How do our Awesome C.O.P. Volunteers Assist Us?  They…
¨ Perform checks on unoccupied residences, (at a resident’s request).
When you complete a “House Watch Request Form”. C.O.P. checks for any unlocked doors, open or broken windows, unidentified vehicles, etc. during the day time.  This is only one of two times the C.O.P. is authorized to leave their vehicle. 
The only other time C.O.P. are authorized to leave their vehicle, is when they assist SLF staff by
      walking with them, to and from the Clubhouse to the Longevity Center in the evenings. 

¨ Observe and report to 9-1-1 any suspicious persons, objects, or occurrences.
When they see someone driving up and down all the streets.
Or if they see flashlights reflecting in a vacant home.
And when a car is parked in the ballpark area late at night.
¨ Identify potential neighborhood hazards.
Like calling you if you garage door is open late at night, or your car’s dome light is on.
If any smoke, fire, or unusual odors are identified.

Two particularly unusual incidents the C.O.P. have dealt with are:
Identified 3 moons in the area:  1 in the night sky, and 2 in the pool (residents skinny dipping).
Found a very drunk and lost person in their car on the ball field (couldn’t find their way out).
Assist the St. Lucie County Sheriff ’s Office Crime Prevention Unit at different events.
When the Crime Prevention Unit does a presentation at SLF to help inform our residents of what they have to offer.
Some volunteers assist each year at the St. Lucie County Fair.

The biggest obstacle for the C.O.P. is not having the most current phone number for residents.  If and when you change your phone number (like eliminating a home phone and only using your cell phone number), and it’s not accurately listed in our community directory, how can the C.O.P. contact you in case of an emergency?